Save Money by Maintaining Your Digger Derrick!

It is very disappointing when a business encounters any type of digger derrick problems, especially if there is a rush to timely finish a job. This can be avoided if regularly schedule preventive maintenance is set up with a scheduled program. Proper inspections and early repairs can help avert this kind of scenario. Regular upkeep could lessen equipment down time, reduce wear-and-tear, detect potential mechanical problems, prevent unnecessary failures that affect productivity, and decrease repair costs, eventually saving both time and money for a business.

Preventive Maintenance

Many years ago, digger derrick trucks were simple machines, inexpensive to purchase and easy to repair. The rapid technological advances in commercial vehicles have made them more complex and more expensive, requiring more attention in terms of proper care. An adequate preventive maintenance program can optimize the use of the vehicle and enhance its potential to take the productivity of a company to an increased level. Included below are some of the benefits of such a program:

  • Strengthen Profits – Increased profit generation
  • Eliminate Failures – Curtailed and eliminated machine failures
  • Improve Operation – Enhanced performance of the equipment
  • Decrease Repairs – Reduced need for repairs
  • Lower Overtime – Decreased overtime to cover the production losses due to a truck’s down time
  • Step-up Safety – Increased safety
  • Advance Quality – Improved machine quality
  • Reduce Up-keep Costs – Decreased overall maintenance costs

Maintenance Compliance

Periodic maintenance is usually done to decrease machine failure and reduce long-term equipment costs. These expenses may include: interrupted work schedules; idled workers; loss of productive output; and damaged equipment. Any interruptions due to the breakdown of these vehicles may significantly affect productivity levels. Therefore, it is wise for a company to institute a scheduled preventive maintenance program.

General Inspection

Inspecting the engine regularly can ensure that it is working properly. The engine usually determines the overall mechanical status of the trucks since the engine is considered to be the heart of the vehicle. It is also imperative to check the transmission, brakes, oil, tires, hydraulic hoses, boom arm, engine fluid, coolants, and suspension unit of the device regularly.

To manage safety and decrease expenses incurred because of necessary repairs, it is important to have an expert mechanic inspect the vehicles as certain parts cannot be diagnosed just by looking at them. Having the assistance of a qualified mechanic who can diagnose and inspect the components of the vehicle will help to ensure that all systems are functional.

D.O.T. Requirements

These trucks should always conform to the maintenance requirements of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), of which there are two: roadside and annual. Compliance with these requirements will help to safeguard the equipment, the driver, and the owning company’s reputation as well as help in the management of overall business operating costs.

When a digger derrick encounters mechanical problems, it is necessary that it be promptly checked and any necessary repairs performed. By taking care of small issues immediately, future breakdowns may be prevented and repair costs can be minimized. Accordingly, regular maintenance and early detection of any mechanical deterioration is very important. By simply initiating a scheduled upkeep program with the help of a knowledgeable mechanic, time, energy and money can indeed be saved!

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5 Ways To Be A Safe Trucker

With today’s busy roads spread across the globe like a vast spider web being a successful trucker requires a few different elements in place. Everything from the driver to the truck must be in order to keep yourself safe and also keeping other drivers on the road next to you safe.

More and more people are hitting the road ways every single day and it is up to the truck driver to be as careful as possible. Passenger vehicles don’t always give the trucks on the road the safety respect they deserve in order to keep everyone safe.

Here are 5 important ways you can be a safer truck driver:

Signal Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to put on your blinkers and signal to your surrounding drivers that you are making a lane change or turning at an intersection. Let your drivers know immediately in order to avoid any confusion and most importantly any potential accidents.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If you are a truck driver that tends to do the long hauls into the wee hours of the morning always make sure to get the proper rest you need in order to have a safe and successful trip. I don’t need to tell you how disastrous things can be if you fall asleep behind the wheel.

Check out Weather Reports

We all know how unpredictable weather can be these days so it is important to try and anticipate what you might be driving into prior. If you know snow or rain is on the horizon to cross your path than it might allow you to physically and mentally prepare for your trucking travels. The last thing you want is nasty weather crippling your rig or your schedule.

Don’t Forget to Eat

If you start to get hungry make sure to eat. Keeping your energy levels up at all times will allow you to stay alert. Low sugar levels can cause fatigue and fatigue can lead to making mistakes on the road, something nobody wants. Make sure your body is always full of energy so you see and feel everything in your surroundings.

Think About Rest Stop Parking

When pulling into truck stops or rest areas always park in the designated truck parking areas to not confuse passenger vehicles pulling in that might get in your way. This will allow less interaction between passenger vehicles and truck drivers trying to navigate in the busy landscape of a highway rest stop.

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Moving the Easy Direction

Moving is an exciting time for most families especially when it is to somewhere they’ve always wanted to live. However, packing up, labeling boxes and transporting it personally through a land trip can be a very tedious job. This is why the use of a plant transporter or small low loader truck to assist you on your big move is very necessary.Plant transport vehicles work by loading and unloading your things to and from your destination while you fly to in relaxation as your things are secured. A Plant hire or a cargo transporter is also called a haul vehicle in some countries as it is specially used to move home furnishings. Many mover companies also offer auto transportation through the use of a car transporter.

The benefit of availing the services of an auto transporter is so much convenience to many people as you can eliminate the hassle of driving your own car or cargo trailer to the destination. You get to free yourself from the troubles brought about by transporting a vehicle yourself. For example, you are moving three cities further which totals up to ten hours or more on the road, wouldn’t it be very tiring for you to drive the car yourself? In these cases, it is where the auto transport comes in; you on the other hand can spend only a few minutes or hours on a relaxing plane or train ride while your belongings are transported safely. You get assured that they are delivered safely and correctly without you having to create so much effort, time and energy to get yourself and your belongings into a specific place. With such type of transport service available, you can save an enormous amount of time, vigor and, well, labor.

There are many auto transport companies around, but it is extremely essential that you choose the one that doesn’t overcharge and more importantly, has insurance. An honest and reliable transporter will only charge you according to the size of the car, its weight and the distance. The Car Transport Industry is not as limited compared to other related industries. And there are a massive number of businesses offering services as such. So, choose wisely and select the one that makes you feel assured that your goods will be there waiting when you arrive. After all, what’s the point of hiring a transporter if not to make your move faster, more convenient and safer?

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