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The Nissan Navara is one of the most popular 4x4s around today. It wins awards left right and centre, and why not? It is a fantastic pick up truck, which is used in so many different spaces. Workmen have them; you can use it as a family people carrier. Plus it works so well for them weekends away camping and so on.

One thing I always notice with the Nissan Navara and most pick ups is the problem owners have with the bed of the truck. You constantly see very untidy and dirty beds to the trucks. This is where a bed liner is such a great and inexpensive accessory for any 4×4 pick up truck. To explain the reasons for getting a good liner and their benefits could take some time. I will try and keep it down to a readable article.

1. Tidiness
Keeping the bed of any 4×4 is a task within itself. Most builders have their tool boxes sliding around the back making unwanted noise and it’s also a danger to have heavy tool moving around the back of any truck. A good quality product has sections where things such as tool boxes can be kept in place to stop items moving around on sudden braking etc.

2. Cleanliness
Having a 4×4 bed out in the rain can create also sorts of issues, if you don’t have a Tonneau cover covering the bed all the time the bed can get full of water which is a nightmare to drain. The water can also effect whatever you keep in the bed of the truck, materials etc. If you leave some wood in the truck bed overnight and don’t know it’s in some rain water, you can pretty much write that wood off as it’ll soak up the water and ruin the wood. A quality liner will have great drainage systems that will keep the bed completely dry.

3. Scratch less
Buying a new 4×4 with a nice new and unscratched bed is something that doesn’t last very long. One great reason for a one is if you come to sell your 4×4 (which most people do) and you show your potential customer a nice and clean unscratched bed it will surely help you secure a sale.

I could keep going with the reasons why to buy a truck liner but I’m afraid I’d start really boring you, and trust me, I would. But get out there and buy yourself a bed liner to save you a hell of a lot of hassle in the future.

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