Big Truck Salvage Yards Save Money

If you drive a big truck, you know the importance of maintenance and the occasional need of replacing parts. This can be a very expensive endeavor, to purchase new parts every time you need them. A good way to save money is to purchase used heavy truck parts. Used parts are a good choice for the trucker doing their own repair work and also for repair work that is done in a shop. Some shop owners will offer used parts to help save money.

Challenges of Buying Used Parts
The biggest challenge will be in finding a decent big truck salvage yard with the right kind of used heavy truck parts. Many will have smaller vehicles, but not big rig parts. You will have to locate a yard with your particular make and model. This isn’t an easy or quick task. You may have to search far to find the exact parts you need.

The other challenge in buying used, is that the parts will not be guaranteed or come with a warranty like a new part. That’s the price of buying used. But, the cost savings over the new parts are worth the time and trouble, to locate the right parts that work.

It helps to be knowledgeable with the mechanics of your big truck in order to find the right parts. You will know what to look for, if you are mechanically inclined. You will save yourself a lot of future trouble if you know to avoid certain things. Repairing a semi truck isn’t like repairing a small car.

There are a lot of different situations you may encounter along the way on any repair job. One challenge is that if you drive an older rig, you will have to find a used part, rather than a new one for replacement because the part is no longer manufactured. This is why big truck salvage yards are in demand.

The main reason it is so hard to find a salvage yard for big trucks is because it truckers tend to keep the trucks even when they are inoperable. Very few trucks actually end up in the yards, so used parts can be extremely hard to find. When a big truck needs to be repaired, it’s normally a time issue and the repair needs to be made as soon as possible. Many times if a truck is wrecked, instead of hauling it to a salvage yard, the owner may keep it and piece it out themselves, or just park it, because it is cheaper than having it towed to a salvage yard.

Buyer Beware
These parts can present issues from a big truck salvage yard: engines, axles, alternators, rear ends, transmissions, and fuel tanks. These are risky purchases especially if you don’t know the history of the truck. This is why it is wise to either have some mechanical knowledge or have someone with you who is experienced with the mechanics of big trucks. You will want to ensure these parts are functioning and won’t give any trouble down the road.

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