Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is an out-of-control epidemic across the highways of the U.S. With billions of dollars in losses each year, it is a subject that shouldn’t be taken lightly. More than 2 million trucks are on the road daily and a good amount of them have no security solutions in place for their tractor or trailer. The fact of the matter is if you don’t lock it, you lose it.

Last year California and Texas harbored the most incidents- keep in mind that this is only reported incidents. Police departments are generally geared for local crime yet when the trucker and thief are both passing through it presents a problem for law enforcement to actively pinpoint the basic information being when, where, and what direction. Industry leaders speculate that if law enforcement has not found the stolen goods within 24 hours, then the shipment is more than likely out of the country already.

In 2010 there were 857 incidents recorded with the SC-ISAC (Supply Chain- Information Sharing and Analysis Group), with 813 of these incidents categorized as thefts (some are considered fraud or intelligence hits) and more specifically an inside job. In the past most hits took place at truck stops, while the driver was inside showering or sleeping. Yet with the increase in awareness of these thieves in 2010, a large amount of hits took place within carrier facilities and secured lots. The simplicity of stealing from a secured lot is outrageous; bolt cutters and some spray paint is all they seem to use.

Supply Chain Managers what measures are you taking to ensure the security of your tractor trailer and your cargo? Alarms? Cameras? Parking in access control parking lots or behind electric fences? All of these are great initial security measures, but keep in mind that they can be compromised. In the event that they are jeopardized, what are you doing to protect the asset of your truck and the valuable cargo you are carrying? The padlock you use to secure is important. While purchasing it at the same retail store you buy your socks, pet food, or headache medicine may be convenient, is this really the best line of defense you can offer your truck?

Have you heard of WAR-LOK? Here are some of the features their solutions provide:

Air Brake, Fifth Wheel, Glad Hand, Trailer Door, Utility Brand, and Intermodal Locks
Manufactured from cast aluminum or cast hardened steel
Key hole is chrome plate case hardened steel
Key hole uses stack disc technology that has never been picked
The keys are patterned by WAR-LOK and cannot be copied
Provides lock-out tag-out opportunities
Don’t need a key to enable the lock providing you with logistic opportunities

Over the holiday weekends ensure that your assets are protected. Shippers, manufacturers and transportation companies must remain aware of the increased security risk during all holiday weekends. Cargo theft rates increase an average of 28% over long weekends and provide criminals with excellent opportunities to target, steal and transport goods to their storage locations before the product is even discovered missing.

Statistics provided by SCISAC.

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