Consider The 2012 International ProStar For Your Next Semi Truck

The 2012 International Prostar Truck is a fitting continuation to the most popular class 8 truck in North America. It was created after consulting owners and drivers about the features they wanted to keep and the innovations they needed, and the results are clear: the 2012 International Prostar is perhaps the best truck released by International trucks yet.

Driving the Prostar is driving in comfort. The steering wheel is more ergonomic than in previous years and it includes a number of built in controls that make it easier to access the features you need most without taking your eyes off the road. Both on- and off-center steering are present by default, allowing for better maneuverability up those steep mountain passes and better control on the straights and corners. Handling is one of those areas where all trucks show room for improvement, but the Prostar takes things a step in the right direction with its four point suspension that counters sway and the automotive style controls in the cockpit. This combines to make a smooth and steady ride that lets the miles pile on without wearing the drivers down.

Built for heavy duty work, the 2012 International Prostar comes ready to tackle the hardest of jobs. As a class 8 truck, it’s more than capable of handling 33,000 pounds or more, but not all class 8 trucks are built equally. With a total gross vehicle weight rating of 52,350 pounds, the Prostar is a truck that won’t leave your cargo behind. The body is the standard hi-rise sleeper configuration, the wheelbase comes in at 209 inches, and the front bumper to back of cab dimension is within typical ranges at 113 inches. However, perhaps the most enjoyable part of the truck is the new expanded sleeper. At 56 inches, the size is not particularly large, but the bedding is comfortable enough to catch deep sleep on a cross country haul.

The MaxxForce 13 engine that powers the 2012 International Prostar is strong enough to get the truck moving no matter how much one is hauling when paired with the Fuller 10 speed transmission. With 1700 foot pounds of torque at 1000 RPM, there is plenty of low end power on hand to take off from a standstill, and the inclusion of a number of small but welcome comforts like keyless entry, added storage space, and even a paper towel holder to help drivers deal with coffee spills in the cabin combine to make the Prostar a welcome addition to the International trucks family.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how impressive a truck looks on paper, it is the comfort, durability, and handling that drivers will either sing or swear about when pulling 12 hour shifts through the great highways of this country. This is why little things like increased foot room in the cabin and attention to the give of the clutch pedal make such a difference. The easier it is to shift, the less fatigue a driver’s feet get. The more room there is to stretch while on the road, the easier it is to keep one’s eyes on the road where they belong. The 2012 International Prostar was built with these creature comforts, and it shows.

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