Custom Bumpers for Trucks

The growing population is leading to more road accidents and truck damage. A custom bumper for your truck will help minimize front end damage to your truck and protect your life and your families. What is a custom bumper? It is an aftermarket bumper that replaces your stock, chrome bumper. Stock bumpers are made to absorb impact and sensor your airbags to go off in an accident. This leads to the front end of your Truck to collapse, crushing your radiator and in worst cases your entire engine.

With a custom bumper installed your truck becomes a moving tank. Aftermarket bumpers are mounted to your frame, adding additional support to the bumper. Unlike stock bumpers, custom bumpers are made of solid steel. Typically welded both inside and out for added strength. Therefore, instead of absorbing impact, they push through the impact. Leaving your truck radiator and engine intact. Most importantly, your cab becomes much safer in the even on a front end collision.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to protect ourselves from other drivers and wildlife. However, life is unpredictable. There have been testimonials from customers with Ranch Hand bumpers showing the damage done to vehicles after hitting deer at high speeds. Although unfortunate to the animal, the custom bumper had virtually no damage and zero damage to the truck. If the Ranch Hand bumper had not been installed, the truck would have been totaled and the driver in the hospital.

There are many different types of custom bumpers that are available. Typically, there are three different versions including a base model, a full grille guard model and a pre runner model. The base model custom bumper looks much like a stock bumper but is much stronger like stated above. If you want a stronger truck and a mean look without adding a complete grille guard the base is the way to go. The pre runner model is similar to the base bumper but has a bullnose bar that sticks out. The pre runner bumper is great for adding additional lighting to your ride. The most protection comes from the full grille guard custom bumper. This bumper incorporates the base bumper and complete grille and headlight protection. Plus, like the pre runner model you can add auxiliary lights.

If you are really into customizing your truck, you may want to paint your bumper to match your factory paint. Most come with either a base unpainted finish or a strong black powder coat finish. A powder coat finish gives the bumper a rugged, mean look and ditches that stock chrome look. Work trucks, off-roading machines, daily driver trucks and custom trucks can all benefit from a well built front end. Obviously, a well built front end starts with a strong bumper.

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