DC Sports Stainless Steel Headers Information

DC Sports stainless steel headers are made from one hundred percent T-304 stainless steel including the flanges. When you get the DC Sports headers package it will come with an installation booklet and all the necessary hardware and any decals that you will need to install this system. There are many different product numbers available so you do have to choose the correct unit for your vehicle model and make. Not all makes and models have these aftermarket units available for them. These are very popular truck part accessories and one of the easiest ways to improve the engine performance in your vehicle.

When you are choosing one of these truck part accessories you will have the choice of a ceramic or a stainless steel both of which will improve the performance of your engine. When you choose the DC Sports headers you have to understand that stainless steel does change color when it gets hot. But the DC Sports stainless steel headers it is bent into precise curves using mandrel benders which creates a tighter bend. Mandrel benders supports the tangent point of the bend making the bend more precise but of course this depends on the wall thickness of the tube, the radius required and the material being bent. So the stainless steel tubes will be bent as perfectly as the machine can do it.

If your vehicle can utilize the 4-2-1 one piece header system it can get some excellent low to mid range power gains and it will also make the vehicle have better ground clearance. These style headers are lighter than stock engine breathing systems are even lighter than the two piece header systems that are currently available. Of course SC Sports products are all individually tuned and dyno-tested for a maximum performance for your vehicle. Of course the unit will have a warranty.

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