Dodge Power Wagon For Sale

Are you looking for dodge power wagon for sale today? Dodge wagons are excellent off road vehicles and are famous for extreme sports, camping, and other off road adventures. These trucks now range from $1000 to $70,000 or even more. Sometimes there are a lot of things that would affect the cost of the dodge power wagons for sale nowadays.

This article will talk about the 2 types of dodge power wagons for sale in the market, particularly what you may be expecting from them and how much they would cost if you buy them today.

Vintage power wagons are those that were produced and launched around the 50’s to the 70’s. These wagons are commonly sold from $1,200 – $15,000 depending on the condition of the truck, the changes made as well as the need of the seller. If the vintage power wagon still has it’s former flare and still looks totally wicked despite the years that passed, some vintage car collectors buy them for up to $50,000. Since these trucks of the past were solely built for military operations, you can just imagine how solid they were built. Engineering is one of the reason why a lot of car collectors still buy the older versions of the wagons – they are made for power, authority and purpose.

The modern dodge power wagons for sale are slightly expensive than those vintage ones for obvious reason – their parts and exterior are somehow newer. Although honestly, this still depends on the type of maintenance done on the truck. Contemporary models usually range for as low as $3,500 to $80,000. The latest prototypes are called RAM and most of them were produced around the late 1990’s or the early 2000’s, which means both interior and exterior may still be in the best shape. The great thing about the newer models is that they’re exclusively built for off-road drives. A large percentage of their collectors are mostly campers, sports enthusiasts, racers and families with extended members. In many cases, you may also see a lot of these wagons being used by government authorities who work for the land and transportation office or those that are related to wildlife adventures, discovering untamed land and invading unseen fortresses.

When looking at these trucks in the market, always remember that you don’t really have to buy the new ones just to run a cool wagon in the future. Be practical and buy the older versions and style them on your own.

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