First Time Bucket Truck Buyers

Obtaining something expensive can be quite unnerving. This is especially true when purchasing equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars, such as the type of vehicles that are acquired from bucket truck sales. From the point of view of a first time buyer, there are many things to consider when purchasing this equipment, such as the various features and specifications, the manufacturer and brand, the type of engine and the type of boom. These things can be overwhelming for any first time buyer, but it does not necessarily need to be. Obtaining a bucket truck can actually be a fun and exciting experience.

Things to Avoid

When acquiring this expensive, heavy-duty machinery, there are many things that could go wrong, causing an unpleasant experience for first time buyers. Therefore, in order to not have any anxiety associated with this type of purchase, consumers should know to look out for certain things that are red flags to consumers to proceed with caution with a purchase. Once these risks are known, the buyer will be able to take the precautionary measures necessary to avoid making a bad acquisition.

Problem #1 – Avoiding the Wrong Truck

Bucket trucks come in a variety of configurations. The height of the boom ranges from 30 to 160 feet. The weight capacity ranges from between 300 to 1000 pounds. The engine and the boom setup also have various configurations and can bewilder an inexperienced buyer. If the purchaser blindly chooses from all of these options, it is likely they will end up with a vehicle that has specifications that are not suitable for its intended purpose.


Buyers should determine the type of vehicle the business needs before they begin their search or certainly before making a purchase. The buyer should identify any important details, such as the working height required, the capacity, the ideal boom design and any additional desired features that may be important for the particular application for which the vehicle will be used. For example, a bucket truck that will be used by an electric company must have good boom insulation. If these things are identified prior to making any investment, the consumer can be assured that the vehicle will meet the necessary criteria to perform the job.

Problem #2 – Purchasing a Lemon

When acquiring a bucket truck, particularly a used one, there is always a lingering risk of acquiring a lemon. Most buyers make this mistake by purchasing a piece of machinery based on the odometer reading alone. Those meters are easily changed and should not be solely relied upon. Other factors, such as the driving habits of the operators and the adequacy of the sites where the truck was used also contribute to the overall condition of the vehicle.

Solution #2

Before purchasing any used truck, buyers should always take the time to personally inspect the vehicle in order to assess its overall condition both internally and externally. Do not simply believe the word of the seller or judge the condition based on its outward appearance, as many problems could be found inside the components of the vehicle. If a consumer has no knowledge as to how the engine works, they should have a reputable mechanic thoroughly inspect the truck. Test drive the vehicle and check the movement of the boom. Only when the mechanic has given their stamp of approval should the buyer make their final decision to purchase the vehicle.

Problem #3 – Parts and Service Center Availability

Another problem bucket truck owners can experience after they have purchased their truck is finding that there are no parts or service centers available locally to service their equipment. When it breaks down, operators will have a difficult time finding parts and getting the vehicle repaired. This could mean huge losses to the owner as the equipment will sit idle without any replacement parts. The necessity to have the proper replacement parts shipped also adds to expenses.

Solution #3

Bucket truck buyers should choose a manufacturer and dealer with local support for their products. This includes both replacement parts and authorized service centers. A purchaser should also choose a manufacturer and model known for its durability and quality.

Acquiring vehicles from bucket truck sales for the first time should be a rewarding experience. The information provided above discusses some of the ways that first time bucket truck buyers can avoid purchasing the wrong vehicle so they can breathe easy and fear no more!

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