Front Bars

After a weekend away camping with the family I wanted to find some protection for the front of my Ford Ranger after damaging the front bumper parking near a tree. As I hadn’t had the Ford Ranger for long and I was not sure of the length of it, my friend was guiding me in. I did only mark the bumper but it is very annoying when you’ve not had the 4×4 for long.

My friend mentioned that I could get a front bull bar that looks great and it might cover up the mark. When I got home from the weekend away camping I had a look into buying some front bars that would fit my Ford Ranger 07 plate. The last thing I wanted was some sort of accessory that looked awful and out of place, the sort of thing that really ruins a vehicles design. I wanted something that would enhance the front of my 4×4.

After reading some of the plus points for having a front bar (bull bars) on a 4×4 it really got me excited about finding the right one for my Ranger. If you are not familiar with front bars they are thick stainless steel bars that usually curve from below your number plate round to just above the bonnet. They give a bull horn look to the front of a vehicle, hence the other name they are known as “Bull Bars”. There are other names they are known as too like Nudge Bars, Super Bars and Medium Bars.

You would be very surprised how a minor bump to the front end of a vehicle can really damage your grill and cost a small fortune to fix. I talk from experience as I had a very minor knock in an old Ford Escort, which cost me a good £500 to fix. After finding out the protection the front bar could offer a 4×4, especially to the headlights and grill, the cost of having front bars fitted to your vehicle seems very reasonable compared to the potential costs of having to fix knocks and marks.

I have now bought a chrome front bar (bull bar) for the Ranger and I am very happy with how easy it was to fit and the extra toughness it gives the front end. Another benefit I’ve noticed driving round with the newly fitted front bar, is that other drivers don’t seem quite as eager to pull in front of me on the motorway. I’m sure they won’t want these bar ripping through their rear end.

One tip I’d definitely give anyone looking for front bars for their vehicle, is not to go for the cheapest option on the market. You are likely to regret it since they often don’t fit correctly and aren’t as sturdy looking as the more expensive models. The best thing is to carefully research any models before you decide to go through with the purchase.

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