Is the Ford F650 the Right Truck for You?

If you are looking to purchase a truck for your employees or business, you are looking for the best value for your needs. This is not always an easy task but with a little bit of research you can make an educated decision on what truck gives you the most bang for your buck. A popular choice is the Ford F650. Here are a few factors to consider when looking into purchasing a Ford F650 for your company or business.


This commercial grade truck is no small beast. It is arguably the biggest and toughest truck out there and boasts of features that few other trucks can’t even come close to offering. If you are often doing big jobs and need a truck that can withstand the harshest, most unforgiving loads and environments, the Ford F650 may be for you. If you are really just doing lighter work and not as often, you may be able to get by on a smaller model. Leave the Ford F650 for the biggest and hardest work.


The Ford F650 comes with a 6.7L Cummins B series or 7.2L Caterpillar C7 diesel engine. This bad boy is made to haul the heaviest of the heavy loads. Each engine can change between eight to ten horse power torque settings. Again, if your loads are big enough to need that much power this truck is right for you, but if you find that your loads can be handled by a less powerful truck you may want to save some money and look for something with a smaller engine.

Because the Ford F650 is currently only offered through special order it is important to properly determine whether or not this is the truck you need. Though you may be drawn to its power and ruggedness, it also comes with a fairly shocking price tag. Keep in mind the cost and value. If you can do with a smaller truck, you are better off saving the money because as soon as you get behind the wheel of your truck the value depreciates. If you realize later that what you bought is overkill for the work you do, you will not be able to sell and see a full return on your investment.

By doing a bit of research on the topic and looking into the type of projects you are working on and will be working on in the future and determining what type of power and size is really necessary to get your work done and done well, you can ultimately save you and your company tons of money. If you do realize that this is the truck for you, you are looking at the crème de le crème of power and ability. With such a well reviewed piece of machinery and a name synonymous with the industry you can trust that you are getting a valuable tool that will pull you through the toughest and hardest jobs your business faces.

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