Jacked Up Trucks Aren’t Meant to Be Practical

I have seen a few articles online that criticize some of the problems with jacked up trucks. And to be honest, those articles have had some legitimate points. But are they missing the big picture? What’s the purpose of a big truck with a lifted suspension, anyway?

A vehicle with a suspension lifted from its precisely engineered and balanced manufacturer design will often have limitations not suffered by the original vehicle. And to make things worse, people often fail to take care of all necessary variables when they create their own personal lifted beast. But if you do it right, a truck with big wheels, a robust suspension and dramatically raised clearance is exactly what you need for certain playful activities… limitations and all.

First, Lift That Suspension Right

So what variables do people miss when they try to execute a raised suspension? Probably the biggest error is not adjusting the transmission for the size and weight of the tires. You will fry your transmission if you think its original tuning will seamlessly handle your massive new tires.

Next, they often don’t carefully measure and tweak the three big variables one must consider when completing a lift job. These variables are level, balance and alignment.

Often times people level and balance the truck, but fail to do a thorough alignment. Simply put, you need to take your truck to a front end specialist to get a proper alignment after you’ve completed your lift job. Skip this step and you are planting the seeds for near-future troubles with your truck.

Jacked Up Trucks Are Not For Practical People

Now if you have taken the proper precautions to protect your transmission and make the truck as safe as possible, then it is time to have fun. Many of the criticisms leveled at jacked up trucks are about their poor ride on the road and their reduced ability to corner well. Frankly, those criticisms are amusing.

Jacked up trucks aren’t really meant for the road or for cornering. The only time they’re on the road, they’re there for you to feel intimidated by them. They’re there for looks. They’re not meant for daily commutes or cross-country road trips.

What jacked up trucks are really for is fun. They are for going where there are not roads and tackling obstacles like boulds and deep, thick mud. They are for getting messy and challenging both yourself and your mechanical work. Jacked up trucks are not for the meek or for the strictly practical-minded. They are for capturing the thrill and exuberance of living life for the fun of it.

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