Mini Trucks For A Hotel Resort

The Japanese mini truck is a very fuel-efficient machine and it does the work of a jeep truck and more. These trucks are imported from Japan not brand new but still in good condition.

These trucks can be used as passenger trams for a resort hotel. You can equip the bed with a roofed cab with three rows of seating so that the guests will be facing forward and backward. No rails or walls are necessary so that guests can embark and disembark on both sides. You can dress up the truck in gay stripes that would match the corporate colors of the hotel. The upholstery should also match the paint job. Add frills to the roof to increase the festive look.

Resort hotels are usually planned with facilities far apart, thus, utilizing a mini truck would be wise especially if the hotel is a mountain resort. The truck is equipped with four-wheel drive and is better suited to steep slopes than a golf cart. Just like this resort hotel that I know wherein the main facilities are separated from the guest suites. Therefore, the guests need a tram to take them from the check-in counter to their rooms. If they want to use the facilities like swim in the pool or watch a concert at the arena, they would have to call a tram.

The mini truck is well suited for these kinds of demands. It has 4-wheel drive, can deliver speeds up to 75 mph, and has a 660 cc engine which packs 25 to 45 horsepower. It tips the scales at 1500 lbs and has a wheelbase of 75 inches. Most of them can tow 1400 pounds and is capable of carrying loads of 400 to 1100 lbs.

Shuttling the guests from the lobby to the pool is not the only work set out for the tram. It can also carry luggage from the check in counter to the rooms. It can also do utility work like carry pantry supplies from the entrance to the kitchen. It can shuttle hotel staff like chambermaids who will cleans the rooms when the guests are out. It can carry instruments and amplifiers and other electronic equipment needed for a concert at the arena. It can carry ladders, grass cutters, and other gear that are being used for maintaining the cleanliness of the resort. Of course, it is a good idea to make the utility trucks distinctive from the guest trams although not necessarily a different design.

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