Shipping Goods By Air Cargo

If you want to ship goods to a customer in another country or even another continent quickly, then air travel is the way forwards, with only very heavy goods being forced to be sent by road or sea.

Yet it is not always simple to send a cargo abroad by air. Firstly there are the local export laws that you will have to comply with, for example you cannot export key works of art out of the country without an export licence, nor as another example may you export certain forms of technology such as military related electronics.

However when sending a cargo abroad by air you may not even know that it is a restricted item that will not be carried by certain airlines, the problem occurs when, whilst you may have done some research and find that the airline shipping it from your country is fine to carry your cargo, you may not realise that this is only one part of the puzzle. The next airline in the delivery chain may not be prepared to take your goods, either due to their own regulations or country specific regulations.

If as an example you are sending a cargo by air from the United Kingdom to the depths of South America the cargo will swoop airlines numerous times, as well as having to comply with the import and export laws of all the countries that the cargo has to pass through. Clearly looking into this you can see that shipping cargo by air can prove fraught with problems, with just one wrong piece of missing paperwork resulting in major problems.

Also if you make the mistake of trying to ship a restricted cargo by air such as any form of explosive, combustible material, or any item that needs a special export licence, then you can find the repercussions can be severe with large fines, goods being impounded, destroyed or even find yourself in jail.

So make no mistake even when shipping the most basic of cargo’s by air then you would be well advised to use the services of a specialist cargo exporter who can deal with all of the airlines, and export paperwork that will be needed throughout the whole process. Without using a specialist cargo exporter then as an example you may not know the current political situation in a South American country where a coup may be taking place, and your goods will end up stuck, whereas a specialist air cargo company will be aware of this and divert your goods via another country before the problem occurs. This is the kind of service you want, that only a specialist offers.

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