Testing Standards and the Doe Test

The Simple truth of the Doe test is that if you run a commercial vehicle in Ireland, your vehicle will need to undergo the test every 12 months. The examination is important for a number of reasons. The first and most important is safety. The test is designed to test the braking and suspension system of the vehicle in detail to ensure that your van or truck is with a certain safety threshold. The second purpose of the doe is to set a minimum standard of vehicle roadworthiness.

Commercial vehicle testing was introduced into Ireland around 1980. Originally there was a single test regardless of the type of vehicle. Over the last 30 years the number of Doe test Centres in Ireland has rapidly grown, so now we have in the region of 148 testing centres around the country. The bottom line of this is that you do not need to have much of a wait to get a vehicle tested. As I sit here I could pick up the phone and get a truck booked in any of 20 centres within a 1 hours’ drive from here.

The fees are not set by the individual doe centre, instead they are fixed and set. A tester cannot charge more or less than the agreed price for the . This is a key point. If for example a tester decided to put pressure on the competition by reducing the price that he charges for the doe test. Would this affect how he tests vehicles? By this I mean that can he really still test to the same standard by taking less for the inspection?. The logic is that the fee is structured to pay the test station for the mechanics time and equipment for the test and also leave an operating profit at the end. If a tester decides that he can operate cheaper and quicker than the specified time, are corners being cut? Simply put the test structure and time has been carefully thought out. It enables the test to be carried out to a similar standard and structure across all centres.

The best preparation for getting your vehicle ready for the Doe is to have a well maintained vehicle. This is quite logical; vehicles that have been serviced annually tend not to have glaring problems when put on a test lane. That little oil leak at the back of the engine, the split on the sidewall of a tyre or the unfocused headlamp will all be picked up with a regular vehicle service regime.

Upon successful completion of the test you are issued a doe pass certificate. It is this cert that you need to renew your annual road tax on your commercial vehicle in Ireland.

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