The Different Types of Trucks

If you’ve ever been on the road for more than about ten minutes, you know that there are a LOT of different types of trucks out there. Not including the consumer trucks that you see on the road and can buy at your local dealership, the number and variety of commercial trucks and trailers on the road at any given moment is actually a little bit staggering. Here’s a look at just some of the various types of trucks you can encounter when out on the road.

Flatbed Truck

As the name implies, these trucks have a bed without any sides or top, allowing for the carrying of cargo that isn’t vulnerable to the elements, most notably construction equipment. Flatbed trucks are also useful for carrying loads that are an unusual size or shape that wouldn’t fit into a trailer with sides or a top and are extra helpful as they can be loaded and unloaded from any angle.

Box Truck

If you’ve ever moved yourself using a Uhaul or like service you’ve been behind the wheel of a Box Truck. While typically on the body of a publicly available truck, some of the larger ones can be built on more commercially driven vehicles. These trucks are great as they allow people to move large items or a high volume of items that a normal car, truck, or van couldn’t normally support and are available to rent for personal use for various amounts of time.

Refrigerator Truck

When perishable items need to be moved they’re stored in a refrigerator truck. Unlike a simple insulated or ventilated truck, refrigerated trucks have an active cooling device in the trailer to maintain a safe temperature for the items inside. Cooling devices can be anything from a portable AC unit or dry ice to some combination thereof. The key part of a refrigerated truck is their ability to maintain a temperature that will prevent whatever perishable cargo is inside from spoiling.

Lowboy Trailer

These truck trailers are unique because they have two step-downs in height. While resembling a flatbed truck, the lower section of the trailer allows lowboys to carry loads that are taller than the usual restrictions since they sit lower to the ground. These are commonly used to transport commercial construction equipment when the required path will require going under overpasses or through tunnels that a normal truck wouldn’t be able to pass underneath.

Tanker Truck

Usually sporting the name of some gas or oil company on the side, these trucks are easy to spot with their large, typically rounded tanks used to transport fuel sources for delivery to gas stations and other commercial establishments that require high volumes of fuel.

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