The Dodge Dakota for 2010

The 2010 Dodge Dakota is a mid-sized truck that remains relatively unchanged with the same drab boring look. It has the same boxy angular shape and it has grown cheaper and plainer which is proven by its more than affordable price. It is offered in crew or extended cabs with your choice of either a six-or an eight-cylinder engine with a manual or automatic tranny. It seems to be large enough to carry out most tasks but the handling isn’t all that great and neither are its features and styling. The Dakota does get a revised suspension in hopes of improving handling and ride quality and it does have some other things going for it such as a towing capacity of 7,200 pounds and plenty of idealistic under-the-seat rear storage bins but under the hood, it lacks life.

There are four available trim levels for the 2010 Dodge Dakota (either the crew or extended cab). The ST offers steel 16-inch wheels, foglights, air-conditioning, a dual-positioned tailgate, a center console for the front, a tilt-steering wheel, front bucket seats, two folding rear seats (for the extended cab), rear under-the-seat storage bins (for the crew cab), a CD player and cloth upholstery. The Big Horn trim level includes alloyed 17-inch wheels, cruise control body-colored front frame and bumpers as well as full powered accessories.

Options for the Big Horn trim level includes rear full-swing doors, controls, a driver powered seat, an upgraded stereo system, satellite radio and a six-CD changing system. The TRX4 adds alloyed 16-inch wheels, tires for off-roading, an anti-slip differential, and upgraded front seats while the Laramie adds Big Horn adds alloyed 18-inch wheels, a bedliner, automated headlights, exterior chrome accents, heating seats for the front and upholstery made of leather for added comfort. Bucket seats are replaced with a bench seat for the front which are installed in the Laramie trim and the Big Horn trim extended cab versions and for the TRX4 trim and Laramie trim you can get optional high tech features such as Bluetooth, stereo touchscreen interface, a navigational system as well as music storage.

Powering the 2010 Dodge Dakota is a V-6 3.7-liter engine producing up to 210 hp and 235 foot pound of torque coupled with a four-speed automatic tranny with an estimated fuel economy of 15/20/17 mpg for the RWD models and 14/15/18 mpg for the 4WD models and can tow up to 4,950 for the V6. Except for the ST, there is also a V-8 4.7-liter engine option that can produce 302 horses and 329 foot pound of torque coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission getting a speed rate of 0-60 in a 7.6 second time and an fuel economy estimation of 14/19/15 mpg for the V8 2WD and 13/18/14 mpg for the 4WD. The V8 has enough towing power to lug up to 7,200 lbs of weight. Power under the hood is barely adequate but for the most part the Dodge Dakota is a pretty comfortable ride.

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