Top 5 Tips When Purchasing a Used Forklift Truck

Purchasing a used forklift truck can be a more affordable option than buying new and if done wisely can make good business sense for many material handling companies. However it is important to ensure that you make the correct choice. The decision to purchase a forklift truck for your business is an important one, and it is essential to think about your requirements carefully. For example, consider the number of hours you machine will be required to work, as well as the type and weight of load you need to move. Ensuring you buy wisely is not an easy task but a very important one, and the following checklist can help with this task:

  1. Condition: while all forklift trucks feature hour clocks, it is often wise to perform a general inspection of the truck to gauge condition. Look out for dents, which may be a result of rough or sloppy operation, and consider taking along an engineer to perform a more detailed inspection.
  2. Performance: ask for a demonstration and check the mast function both unloaded and with full load capacity. If your truck is supplied with an attachment it would be wise to put it through its paces to ensure functionality.
  3. Parts Availability: ensure that you will easily be able to source any parts for the truck you are purchasing, check they are available in the UK and are not too costly.
  4. Safe Legal: ensure that the forklift truck has up to date LOLER and a Thorough Examination Certificate.
  5. Warranty: does the used forklift come with any warranty? If so check out what it covers.
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