U-Haul Truck Rental: The Company for Hiring a Truck

Renting a truck has been extremely useful for every person who need vehicle to relocate their things from one place to another. Since there are several firms that provide this sort of service, you can have numerous choices with regard to renting a truck. One of the most excellent truck rental firms is the U-Haul Truck Rental. It offers first-class truck renting service since 1945 and it is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The founder of this firm is Leonard Shoen and AMERCO owned it. AMERCO is a holding company that also manages Republic Western Insurance, Oxford Life Insurance and Amerco Real Estate. U-Haul Truck Rental provides trucks, trailers, vans, pickups and other various automobiles and equipments that you can hire for moving.

The durable trucks and van cabs manufactured by General Motors and Ford are joined with the truck boxes manufactured by U-Haul Truck Rental in the production plants suited at various places in North America. All of the trailers, trucks, pickups and other vehicles of this firm are gas-powered. They also have two main groupings for their equipments in their leasing fleet.

The first type of equipment is called Rotation of In-Town. This is held by authorization or allocated to a specific store by the firm. The second type of equipment is the One-Way equipment that was featured by the firm and is usually used for one-way moving. U-Haul also released a campaign with regard to the latest trucks and it has been constructing newest one-way truck as a group.

In addition, this company has low decks and broad ramps to assist you to carry all your things and other properties in the truck with no trouble. Once you hire the service of this company, you can be guaranteed that it will provide you a 24 hours emergency road services as you relocate your things in your new house or office. Relocating made easy with the service of this firm.

They also provide broad spaces for all your belongings that need to be relocated. Their 26 inches truck is 13 percent larger than the other companies that offer this kind of service. They can also provide you EZ-Load Ramps that are lower, wider and more firm than any other kinds of ramps in the business. You can be relaxed when they relocate all your belongings because they can provide you 100 percent security for your things. They also offer sir bags, 24 hours emergency service and seatbelts.

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