Which Truck Tool Box Is Right For You?

If you are looking to purchase some extra storage for your pickup, utility vehicle, or truck, you wont go wrong by looking at the range of products from Delta. With the various products they offer, from the good but basic Delta range to the excellent and innovative Delta Pro range, Delta are sure to have a product to suit both your price range and your particular truck!

Here is a break down of the ranges to get you started, so you know what to look for when you are deciding the best product for you circumstances. When you have made your choice, why not head over to Pickup Truck Storage to read the latest reviews of the products themselves.


The first Delta Truck Boxes came about nearly 45 years ago and quickly became the leader in pickup truck tool boxes. Today, Delta Truck Boxes continue to be known as the standard for quality and value. Aluminum, Steel and Structural Foam models that meet a wide range of storage requirements are all are covered by a one year limited warranty.

Delta Champion

Delta Champion Truck Boxes are rugged and weather resistant truck boxes. These boxes feature the RSL designed lid, which has an outer coating, a middle layer of insulating material and a reversed beveled edge liner for the lid. This unique combination of layers creates the toughest, most durable lid in its class. To match the strength of the RSL designed lid, Delta Champion storage boxes feature an ultra tough body shell with wide top rails and heavy duty, adjustable lid clamps to ensure the RSL designed lid is held down tighter. Delta Champion storage products are also covered by a one year limited warranty.

Delta Pro

Delta Pro offers the best and most innovative features in truck storage. Delta Pro Crossovers, Innersides and Chests utilize the Self-Adjusting Gear-Lock Dual Rotary lock system and self aligning latch pins to ensure the perfect fit for the lid. Combine this locking system with the reinforced RSL lid, as found on the Champion range, plus a high-strength body and you have a storage box that will resist over 1,000 pounds of force to open it! The Topside and Underbody storage boxes have a 3 point locking system that marries the heavily-reinforced doors on both sides and the top for superior security. Delta Pro products are covered by a 3 year Limited Warranty.


The JoBox product range has quickly become regarded as the leader in tough, solid and secure and chests for both truck and on-site storage. It is based on a constant drive to satisfy the most demanding requirements of professionals and their changing storage and security requirements. JoBox constantly searches for new ideas and innovations to deliver the most durable investment in tool storage products.


Not looking for a storage box, but a pickup truck rack? Why not take a look at the KargoMaster PRO III Ladder Rack. The KargoMaster PRO III Ladder Rack has a unique design that adjusts to different length pickup beds and different height cabs. Available for compact and mid-size trucks plus full size trucks too, they are constructed from steel tubing, powder coated and come with a limited lifetime warranty

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