Your Truck Tailgate

A tailgate is an important part of the pickup truck. It serves as a safety feature for the truck, as a truck bed extender, and as a focal point for entertaining. Here’s an important question to consider. How are you utilizing the tailgate of your truck?

A tailgate closes the bed of the truck so that items can’t fall out. It’s location in relation to the rest of the bed of your truck allows easy access for items to be loaded or unloaded. The handle of the tailgate is easy to operate and the design of the unit is pleasing to the eye.

Indeed, the tailgate has many more uses besides keeping items from falling out of the truck. It can be used to sit on when opened up, or as a temporary “bench” for working on equipment. When opened up, the tailgate can extend the length of the bed of the truck. This allows for items to be hauled in the truck bed that otherwise would be too long to fit when the tailgate is shut. It also serves as a great storage facility with the tailgate providing the “door” to the unit.

The tailgate plays an important role in social events such as when people have a “tailgate party”. Can you imagine how useful it is in the parking lot when everyone is gathered before the big game? Roasting hotdogs, frying hamburgers, and putting out all of the trimmings couldn’t happen without the tailgate to serve as the mobile kitchen for the crowd.

Why not think outside the box? Could there be more uses for the tailgate? When the tailgate is opened, it covers the bumper. Well, the bumper is actually a step ladder to access the bed of the truck. Without the bumper available when the tailgate is opened, trying to climb into the truck bed is difficult. Therefore, items need to be placed towards the back of the bed so that they can be reached more readily.

Think of all of the wasted space at the front of the truck bed. If a tailgate step were installed on the tailgate of the truck, then easy access into the truck could be achieved. Items could be carried to the front of the bed and therefore the entire truck bed could be utilized. Also, it would be easier and safer to climb out of the truck by using a tailgate step.

Let’s not forget the rural community when thinking of other uses for the tailgate. Using the bed of the truck for hauling square hay bales is a common practice and accessing the bed of the truck to stack the bales can be extremely difficult once the tailgate is opened. If a tailgate step was utilized, then easy access to the bed of the truck could be achieved. Also, it would provide a great seat to sit down on and take a break to rest for a bit.

Another use for the tailgate of a pickup is to keep your favorite canine pet safe when transporting them to the park or for a run in the country. Now, if your dog is younger and medium to large in size, they could probably jump into the pickup bed with ease when the tailgate is open. But, the older dog, those with health issues, and smaller sized pets, may find it impossible to get into the truck on their own. By installing a tailgate step, then easy access to the bed of the truck could be achieved.

The tailgate serves many purposes for the truck owner. It keeps items from falling out of the bed. When opened, the tailgate can extend the length of the truck bed as well as provide an extra seat for the owner. It can also be used for social gatherings by providing a serving table for the group. Finally, the tailgate could be used to provide access to the truck bed when transporting hay bales as well as your favorite pet. But, the tailgate could best be utilized by installing a tailgate step which would provide numerous ways for the tailgate to become a much more useful part of the pickup.

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