Monster Jam Truck Tickets

Are you in the mood for some raw, unadulterated horsepower? That is what we are here for and we want to give you a fan-friendly ticket to see the circuit’s favorite monster trucks while they do their thing at a dirt track in your area.

Obtaining great seats at a Monster Truck Event can be proven to be a very difficult process, with many people settling for sub-par seating far away from the action – hardly worth even going to the event! We know you want to get down close and support the trucks, and the tickets are out there, you just have to know where to look…
That’s where we come in!

We are Monster Truck fans too, and we would like to share our resources of obtaining hard-to-get and sold-out tickets – free of charge! Here you can utilize our years of experience in finding the best ticket deals in the whole ticket network and take our recommendations. Go to Prime Tickets .

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Save Money by Maintaining Your Digger Derrick!

It is very disappointing when a business encounters any type of digger derrick problems, especially if there is a rush to timely finish a job. This can be avoided if regularly schedule preventive maintenance is set up with a scheduled program. Proper inspections and early repairs can help avert this kind of scenario. Regular upkeep could lessen equipment down time, reduce wear-and-tear, detect potential mechanical problems, prevent unnecessary failures that affect productivity, and decrease repair costs, eventually saving both time and money for a business.

Preventive Maintenance

Many years ago, digger derrick trucks were simple machines, inexpensive to purchase and easy to repair. The rapid technological advances in commercial vehicles have made them more complex and more expensive, requiring more attention in terms of proper care. An adequate preventive maintenance program can optimize the use of the vehicle and enhance its potential to take the productivity of a company to an increased level. Included below are some of the benefits of such a program:

  • Strengthen Profits – Increased profit generation
  • Eliminate Failures – Curtailed and eliminated machine failures
  • Improve Operation – Enhanced performance of the equipment
  • Decrease Repairs – Reduced need for repairs
  • Lower Overtime – Decreased overtime to cover the production losses due to a truck’s down time
  • Step-up Safety – Increased safety
  • Advance Quality – Improved machine quality
  • Reduce Up-keep Costs – Decreased overall maintenance costs

Maintenance Compliance

Periodic maintenance is usually done to decrease machine failure and reduce long-term equipment costs. These expenses may include: interrupted work schedules; idled workers; loss of productive output; and damaged equipment. Any interruptions due to the breakdown of these vehicles may significantly affect productivity levels. Therefore, it is wise for a company to institute a scheduled preventive maintenance program.

General Inspection

Inspecting the engine regularly can ensure that it is working properly. The engine usually determines the overall mechanical status of the trucks since the engine is considered to be the heart of the vehicle. It is also imperative to check the transmission, brakes, oil, tires, hydraulic hoses, boom arm, engine fluid, coolants, and suspension unit of the device regularly.

To manage safety and decrease expenses incurred because of necessary repairs, it is important to have an expert mechanic inspect the vehicles as certain parts cannot be diagnosed just by looking at them. Having the assistance of a qualified mechanic who can diagnose and inspect the components of the vehicle will help to ensure that all systems are functional.

D.O.T. Requirements

These trucks should always conform to the maintenance requirements of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), of which there are two: roadside and annual. Compliance with these requirements will help to safeguard the equipment, the driver, and the owning company’s reputation as well as help in the management of overall business operating costs.

When a digger derrick encounters mechanical problems, it is necessary that it be promptly checked and any necessary repairs performed. By taking care of small issues immediately, future breakdowns may be prevented and repair costs can be minimized. Accordingly, regular maintenance and early detection of any mechanical deterioration is very important. By simply initiating a scheduled upkeep program with the help of a knowledgeable mechanic, time, energy and money can indeed be saved!

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Permeable Surfaces Helped by Vacuum Trucks!

Many seem to realize the importance of cleaning streets to reduce sediment, debris, and other pollutants from accumulating in gutters, parking lots, and roadsides that could get washed into storm drains and eventually end up in streams, lakes, and rivers. A simple solution to this problem is the installation of porous pavement to filter water into the soil. This new innovative pervious surface can significantly impact the quality of water and environmental health. In fact, this is a very unique and effective method that can be used to solve several environmental issues and support eco-sustainability.

Since the primary function of this pavement technology is to filter pollutants, it is imperative to continually clean the surface of the roads and suction up debris in order for this material to maintain its optimum level of functionality. This process is best done through the use of vacuum truck technology.

Pervious Surfaces

Pervious surfaces are known to contain eco-friendly paving materials that have the capacity to manage runoff, control certain pollutants, reduce urban heat-island effects, improve plant health, and reduce soil erosion. These are only a few of the benefits this permeable pavement can provide. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly recommends the use of this new technology for Best Management Practices (BMP) across the United States to efficiently manage water runoff without restricting the use of available space. This is thought to replenish watershed systems.

Pervious surfaces are made using coarse aggregate, cement, water, and sand. These elements are mixed to form an interconnected system of voids to produce high permeability; this mixture allows approximately 3 to 8 gallons of water per square foot to pass through per minute. Pervious concrete has been used in several different applications; however, its primary use is for pavement materials. This permeable surface is low maintenance, attractive, and a cost-effective solution for managing water runoff that flows into treatment plants.

Surface Maintenance

It is imperative that permeable pavement receive maintenance more often than regular pavement to prevent the interconnected voids from getting blocked up with debris, grit, and dirt. This can be done by using vacuum trucks to suction up all the sediment to avoid clogging which maintains maximum functionality. It is essential to carry out a frequent, regular maintenance program because the accumulation of sediment over time can make the surface impermeable to water. Sweeping or vacuuming the surface at least bi-yearly can enhance its performance and longevity.

In addition, the use of a street vacuum sweeper is an important aspect in the removal of pollutants. This innovative and sophisticated technology has improved and made more efficient performance in terms of sucking up fine debris particles. This method assists in capturing pollutants before they can be washed out by rainwater and flow into treatment facilities. While porous pavement is a highly efficient method in managing storm water runoff, regular maintenance through vacuum truck sweeping should be performed.

Many municipalities are installing new surfaces such as pervious pavement to control water runoff during rainy seasons. This kind of sophisticated breakthrough provides many benefits, not only to the environment but also to the health and general welfare of the populace. Knowing the functions of a vacuum truck sweeper suggests that an ongoing maintenance program be used to effectively enhance and improve pervious pavement performance. With such a purpose in mind, the technology of this machine has the potential to be very beneficial to these new surfaces!

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