Additional Fuzzy Math From The Obama Administration for the Trucking Industry

Despite what socialist leaning politicians and bureaucrats might have you believe, adding more regulations to business does not spur employment. What it does is it increases the costs to businesses, and therefore they have to raise their prices to consumers, and this ends up hurting the economy, and causing businesses to reach a price point where their clients will not partake. In other words, it kills businesses, industries, and jobs.

Nevertheless, socialist regimes use what they call empirical data to show otherwise, but is rather more like wishful thinking, fuzzy math, and the bogus concept that if you screw around with the flows of capital, labor, money, and production that you can build a utopian society without any unintended consequences. History shows that isn’t the case, but these folks along with their academic co-conspirators constantly attempt to create such a fantasy, and then promote their agenda like there’s no tomorrow, using fear tactics, media tricks, and rumblings from the masses.

In Industry Week Online News for Industry there was an interesting article posted on August 10, 2011 titled; “Obama Unveils Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles,” by Josh Cable, one of their best article writers in my humble opinion. The teaser sentence was; “White House predicts the new standards will save commercial-vehicle operators $50 billion.”

Okay so, how does making mandatory regulations on an industry save commercial operators $50 billion when they are forced to ditch their old equipment and buy costly new equipment just to drive their trucks on the road? This socialist way of thinking has to stop, and it needs to stop soon if we are going to maintain our middle class. You see, when trucking and transportation companies have to spend more on new equipment just to stay in business, they end up raising their rates. In doing so it acts as a wholesale tax on every American.

Indeed, I found it most laughable when the Obama Administration told SP that their math was off by $2 trillion and tried to intimidate them and character assassinate them in the media and market place. The reality is that nearly all the math that the Obama Administration uses to promote their agenda is “Fuzzy Math” from ObamaCare to the Budget Debt Deal.

Now then, the Administration might believe that this will create jobs in manufacturing for heavy truck makers, sure that makes sense, but we must be careful when governments start assuming they can create jobs by increasing regulations, because when the dust settles it is always the opposite which occurs. Indeed, it is my sincere hope that you will please consider all this and think on it.

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Three Types of Forklift Tires

Forklift has been considered, for over a decade, as one of the most convenient weapon in fighting a war of inconvenience. This wonderful and very significant invention that came out from the talented minds of people has been a major help to industries and to the modern societies. And the core initiator as to how this Forklift functions depends on its tires. Now, there are three major types of forklift.

The tires of this wonderful and helpful machine are designed and developed according to its purposes depending on the user. And you will definitely have to determine the type of the tires for the Forklift that you will be using to ensure best vehicle performance. Well, there are only three major types of tires used for these amazing vehicles. The first would be Pneumatic tires. From the term itself, Pneumatic involves compressed air to move a medium. These types of tires are typically tough and very durable. These types of tires are expected to be on most heavy duty trucks. These wonderful gears for transportation are used mainly to aid the forklift deal with rough terrain. We can anticipate and expect that these tires will endure the rough road ahead because these products are made out of thick and strong rubber with a deep tread. Since these tires are pneumatic, they are filled with air that gives the vehicle more capability to last longer since these can supply air cushion suitable to last and endure in rough situations.

Second, would be the solid tires. These types of tires are out of solid rubber. With regards to the physical appearance, a solid tire and a pneumatic tire looks the same the only difference is that, a solid tire does not involve air cushion since this tire is typically and completely made out of solid rubber. A solid tire can even last for a longer period of time and definitely will not deflate unlike some other pneumatic tires. But since this type of tire could not provide an air cushion, it has no ability to extend the lifespan of the vehicle. Another unique characteristic of this type of tire is the fact that you can use it whether outdoors or indoors even though this type of tire is not regularly used outdoors.

The third type is Polyurethane. Polyurethane type of an equipment tire is purposely designed and developed to be pressed on the wheel of the vehicle. It can easily be installed and is one of the best types applicable for an electric forklifts because it can supply magnificent traction although only suitable for indoors.

With all the information given to you about the types of forklift tires, you can already distinguish and decide which type you will use for your vehicle to promote and develop a faster production for your business and other personal purposes. It only needs a tough action and a sober mind to decide which to use. Determine the situation, the place and the time and you will know what tire that suits to your needs.

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Find Used Trucks for Horse Boxes

The transportation of horses is something which should not be taken lightly and you should always ensure that you have the correct equipment and vehicle for the job. A horse’s safety and comfort is of paramount importance on any journey so the correct vehicle is required to successfully achieve this. That is why, at one family run vehicle dealership, they stock used trucks to be used as horse boxes making them ideal for the job.

They are well aware of the expense related with owning a horse and that a strong, reliable vehicle required to transport a horse from A to B is a must. Their website allows for you to search through a number of used trucks until you find the model that you feel will work best for your needs; all with a competitive pricing structure aimed to appeal at a range of budgets.

Their stock varies from day to day as they have models coming in and out, so if you can’t find the vehicle you want one day, they encourage you to look the day after to see if they have a new selection in stock. They are committed to providing only quality vehicles, which is why on purchasing transportation units for your horses from their selection, you can have the peace of mind that the vehicle is reliable and safe.

With vehicles available from some of the most recognised manufacturers in the industry and a wide variety of models available, you can purchase top of the range used vehicles at a highly competitive price. With part exchange options available along with the ability to create a finance agreement to make paying for your new vehicle easier by agreeing a time period to pay by installments, you can make the purchase of your new vehicle for transporting horses as simple as possible.

For the safe transportation of your horses, whether you are simply looking for a mode of transport to get your horse to and from stables, or require a method of transport to move horses around the country for shows or races, this experienced stockist endeavors to have the used trucks you may require. If you are struggling to find the vehicle you want or are in need of further information, feel free to give them a call or fill in the online form on their website.

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